How Do Military Challenge Coins Work Exactly?

How Do Military Challenge Coins Work Exactly?

Did you know that the challenge coin tradition originates from World War One?

You may have seen military challenge coins before, but you’re not quite sure how they work.

Military challenge coins are a tradition that goes back centuries, and their use has evolved. Today, they play an important role in recognizing service and accomplishments.

Keep reading because our guide will teach you everything you need to know about military challenge coins, including how they’re used and the different types of challenge coins that are available.

What Are Military Challenge Coins?

Military 3D challenge coins are coins or medallions that have been used in the military since World War I to identify a soldier’s unit and recognize their bravery, loyalty, and accomplishments.

These coins often contain a unit crest or symbol on one side and an inspirational phrase or motto on the other. They typically measure 1.5 inches (4 cm) in diameter and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Typically made from bronze, silver, or gold, challenge coins are traditionally given to soldiers who have completed a mission successfully or demonstrated exceptional courage in battle.

They may also be presented to civilians who provide exemplary service to the military.

The tradition of awarding these coins dates back to World War I when American infantry units were issued medallions which they kept in their pockets as good luck charms during battle.

The practice later evolved into what we now know as challenge coin culture: whenever members of a unit gather, one member will produce their coin and challenge the others present to produce theirs.

If someone is unable to produce their coin, they are required to buy the challenger a round of drinks. If everyone present can produce their coin, however, the challenger must instead buy a round of drinks for everyone.

Today, challenge coins have come to represent camaraderie and unity among members of the military and serve as a reminder of their service to the country.

They are highly sought-after collectibles and continue to be exchanged between friends and family members in recognition of accomplishments or simply as a show of support.

How do Military Challenge Coins Work?

Military challenge coins are typically presented to a soldier at the end of a successful mission. The coin is then kept in the soldiers possession as a reminder of their achievement and as an expression of loyalty to their unit.

The tradition also involves challenging fellow members of the same unit to produce their coins whenever they meet up. If someone is unable to do so, they must buy a round of drinks for everyone present.

However, if all members can produce their coins, then the challenger must buy drinks for everyone instead. This serves as an additional way for soldiers to bond with each other and show respect for one another’s service.

The practice has become commonplace among military personnel but can easily be enjoyed by civilians. Some people collect challenge coins. They give them to friends and family members as a way to say thank you for their help or to show that they support and respect the military.

Reasons Why Military Coins Are Good Investments

Now we’ve seen how military challenge coins work, let’s look at why they make for a good investment. It includes:

1. Limited Supply

One of the things that make military challenge coins so special is their limited supply. Unlike regular currency, challenge coins are typically produced in small quantities, making them rare and valuable.

This means that coins that were issued a long time ago may be worth more than their original value due to the small amount of them in circulation.

For collectors, challenge coins can be a very exciting investment. But even for people who don’t want to sell their coins, it can be satisfying to know that they have something that is not very common.

Military challenge coins are a physical reminder of a person’s service. They are also a reminder of the bond between people who have gone through the same experience.

In a way, they are a tangible representation of the saying, “there’s no place like home.” Thanks to their limited supply, challenge coins will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who have earned them.

2. Collectability

While regular coins may simply be spent or saved, military challenge coins are often exchanged among friends and family members as tokens of gratitude or support. This makes them more desirable than regular coins, which adds to their overall value.

Some people like to collect challenge coins because they are interested in their history and what they mean. For some people, challenge coins represent a connection to a family member or friend who has served in the military. Others just think it is fun to try to collect all of them.

Whatever the reason, challenge coins are highly sought-after collectibles that are sure to hold value for years to come.

3. Historical Significance

Finally, there is something special about keeping a piece of history in your pocket. Military challenge coins are special because they show bravery, loyalty, and accomplishments.

They also remind us of the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women throughout history. This makes them very valuable to people who collect them or who want to honor our veterans.

Invest In Military Challenge Coins Today

All in all, military challenge coins are a great way to show your appreciation for someone’s service. They can be given for all sorts of reasons and occasions, but they always hold a special meaning.

If you’re looking for a gift for a military friend or loved one who is joining the military, consider getting them a challenge coin for their military branches.

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