How to Pump Gas in a Car

How to Pump Gas in a Car

Did you know that a gas station employee claimed that people drive away with the pump in their cars multiple times a month? 

Fortunately, safety features detach them from the main pumping station to avoid fires and other hazards.

If you are learning how to drive or get gas, there are a few things you’ll want to remember at the gas station.

Keep reading to learn how to pump gas in a car so you don’t make any mistakes or drive away too soon! 

Find a Nearby Gas Station

One of the first steps in learning how to pump gas in a car is to find a gas station. 

Not all gas stations are treated equally, so you can use the internet to discover your local options. If you’re a loyalty member at a chain station or store, you may qualify for discounts. Once you’ve determined which gas station will meet your needs you can drive down the road. 

There are a few steps you’ll want to take before you get to the pump. Before you start driving or put the address in GPS, you should get which side your tank is located on. 

Locate Your Tank

There are a couple of ways to determine which side of the vehicle your gas tank is on.

You can take a quick walk around the car to find the tank opening or trust your vehicle’s convenience features. On your dashboard, located near the gas icon, you will see a triangle. This triangle points to the side in which your tank is located. 

Most vehicles have a tank on the driver’s side, but it varies from brand to brand. 

Depending on the gas station company, you may have the option to pull the gas pump to the other side. Large cities and populated areas do this to save time and improve traffic. You must know which side your tank is on before you pull up to the station so you can get in the best spot. 

Park Your Car

After identifying which side the pump is on, you can park your vehicle to get gas.

Safely pull into the gas station and monitor oncoming traffic. Vehicles are moving in all directions in these lots and some people use them to turn around. Drive your vehicle up to a pump and leave enough room to open the door. 

You should give yourself a few feet to move around safely and prevent dinging your door on the pump. Align the pump with your gas tank, put your vehicle in park, and turn off the engine. 

Prepare for Pumping

If you want to be safe at the pump, you need to prepare for your purchase while remaining in the vehicle. 

Before you get out of the car, press your gas tank button to open the latch. If you have an older model, your car may not have this feature. You’ll need to open the latch manually when you get outside.

Place your keys in your pocket and pull out your cash or card to pay. You don’t want to fumble with your wallet outside the vehicle since theft can occur. 

Make Your Purchase

Whether you want to pay with cash or a card, payment is due before putting gas in your vehicle. 

Back in the day, people could fill up and pay after, but the process has become more streamlined. If you’re paying with cash, grab the amount you want to use and take note of the pump station you are parked at. When you go inside the store, the clerk will ask you how much you want and which pump to apply it to. 

If you’re planning to pay with a card, you don’t have to go inside the building. The pump machine will have electronic directions that you can follow. After your payment has been applied, the gas buttons will light up. 

Pick & Pump Your Gas

Most people put regular-grade gas in their vehicles, but you should check your car’s manual to be sure.

Premium and mid-grade gas are other options you can put in your tank but they come at a higher cost. Large vehicles typically require premium or diesel gas while luxury cars require mid-grade gas. 

Select the button for which type of gas you want to fuel your car. After a moment, you can lift the nozzle and place it inside your tank. When the nozzle is safely sitting inside the tank, you can squeeze the handle to start pumping. 

If you don’t have the fuel to make it to a station, reefer fuel delivery is helpful. 

Steps Before Stepping on the Gas

Your payment method will determine when the gas pump stops putting oil in your vehicle.

If you want to fuel a car to its highest levels, you should pay with cards. The gas pump will automatically stop when it’s reached its limit but you must always ensure it doesn’t spill. If you pay with cash, the pumping will stop once you’ve hit your payment limit. 

Release the handle to prevent oil from spilling and place it back into the pumping station. The screen will alert you about finishing and ask if you want a receipt. While your receipt is printing, you can close twist the tank shut and close the latch. 

When you restart your car, you can watch your gas meter rise. 

Do You Know How to Pump Gas in a Car Safety?

No matter what your driving experience looks like, learning how to pump gas in a car is critical. 

Some states, like NJ, prohibit people from pumping gas. This leaves many experienced drivers nervous about going out of state. Instead of letting your fears consume you, get prepared before visiting the pump and safety get gas in your vehicle. 

If you want to learn more about pumping gas and driving safely, check out our page for the newest content! 

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