Saving Money on Disneyland Tickets: Tips and Tricks with Costco

Saving Money on Disneyland Tickets: Tips and Tricks with Costco

Disneyland is the epitome of the fun family vacation but the amount that one has to pay for tickets is steep. 

Fortunately, there are a number of things one can do if they are hoping to find Disneyland ticket discounts, and of course one of the best places to go is Costco. 

To add on this, special discounts which are offered under the membership of Costco assure people the possibility to make their dream Disneyland trip cheap. 

Continue reading to know how you can utilize these discounts and enjoy the happiest place on earth to the fullest.

Understanding Costco’s Special Discounts

Disneyland tickets are affordable, even more, so when you consider Costco as a wholesale store that has excellent price offers for its products. Being a member of Costco, you have privileges for acquiring multiple day tickets as well as getting vacation packages at a lower price. These discounts can at times make the prices drop and make the Disneyland’s experience so economical

For instance, there could be cut-price tickets that accompany some facilities or ability to enter a park earlier and many others. If one wants to pick these offers, they can visit the Costco Travel website or go to the physical store.

Maximizing Your Savings with Vacation Packages

One way of targeting the extra discounts at Costco is to go for an advertising break for a specific travel package. Such packages tend to include tickets to Disneyland and arrangements for the hotel and other amenities that you would require while there; hence a convenient solution to your tour needs. 

Another thing about when you make your reservation with Costco you get a lot of options on which hotel is close to Disneyland and most of the hotels come with free shuttle to the park, or even free breakfast. When you get your tickets and accommodation together, you will have to spend less and also get organized in the right manner. When choosing a package, always make comparisons to ensure that you get the one that you want at the right price.

Additional Tips for Saving Money on Disneyland Tickets

Costco is not the only way to buy Disneyland tickets with some extra discounts; there are some other tips for saving at this place. It may be recommended to consider visiting during the months that do not fall into the peak tourist season, that is; ticket prices will be cheaper and there will be fewer people in the park. This can further be backed up by the fact that you may also be able to save a lot of money when you bought the multi-day tickets at an instance compared if you were to buy the single day passes for instance. 


It is true that Disneyland tickets can be costly but there are ways on how one can save some money. It is thus possible to have a great time on your Disneyland trip if you know how to economize; some of how you can eliminate the gimmick include embracing Costco’s special discounts, taking a vacation package, and even some extra ways that are must-haves for your Disneyland trip. Do not forget to compare and read as many offers as you can as well as make sure that you are making an order before seeing the new offers. 

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