The Pros and Cons of a Pop-top Camper Van

The Pros and Cons of a Pop-top Camper Van

On TikTok, the hashtag #vanlife has over 5 billion views.

More and more people are getting into RVing and sharing their love for it online. If you’ve seen these posts and are interested in learning more it can be exciting. But it can also be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.

One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is what kind of recreational vehicle you want to get. In this post, we’ll focus on some of the pros and cons of getting a pop-top camper van.

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Pro: Affordable

Pop-top camper vans are a great, affordable option for those getting into RVing. They make it accessible to those who are looking to try it out without incurring massive costs.

No matter your budget (within reason) you’ll likely be able to find an RV that you can afford. Some options will be more affordable than others, depending on their specific styles, sizes, and setups.

Con: Fewer Amenities

If you’re someone who is going to want extra space and comfort items in your van, this may not be the right option for you. Pop-tops typically only include the essential amenities.

This includes things like sleeping space, a small kitchen with a mini fridge, and sometimes a toilet. Don’t expect a full-size kitchen or bathroom, a couch area, or a TV setup.

Pro: Easier to Maneuver

Because they are smaller and don’t have all of those extras included, it makes them much easier to maneuver. Larger types of RVs or trailers can be difficult to drive and control, especially on smaller, crowded streets, or rougher terrain.

Pop-up camper vans can typically make it to any camping site that your car could, and make parking much easier. Even when stopping in commercial parking lots, they can usually fit in a normal space without taking up too much room or worrying about getting stuck.

Con: Limited Space and Privacy

On the other hand, that smaller, easy-to-maneuver size makes for cramped quarters when there are too many adults. While there may technically be space for 4 or 5 adults to sleep, it can get overcrowded quickly. Especially if there’s bad weather and no one wants to be outside.

It’s of course less crowded when traveling with children. But for a group of adults, there can definitely be a lack of space and privacy.

Pro: Great for Social Media

These vans come in many different styles and designs. Many of which are super cute and therefore perfect for photographing so you can document all of your adventures on social media.

While this may not be your number one concern when you’re deciding to buy a pop-top camper, it’s worth mentioning.

Is a Pop-Top Camper Van Right for You?

There are many adventures to be had when RVing. Look through these pros and cons of pop-top camper vans and decide if one might be the right option for you.

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