What Are the Benefits of Getting a Vasectomy Procedure?

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Vasectomy Procedure?

Did you know that 500,000 men get vasectomies in any given year in the United States? Even though this number had been dropping slightly in the past two decades, after June 24, 2022, when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, vasectomy numbers have been going back up again.

There are many benefits of getting a vasectomy for men, a lot of which are not very well known. Unfortunately, many falsehoods are roaming about the blogosphere about getting a vasectomy procedure, which is why they aren’t more common as a birth control method. Keep reading to find out more about vasectomies and their advantages.

1. Quick Painless Procedure

The best thing about getting a vasectomy procedure done is that it’s such a quick process. It takes 7 minutes to get a vasectomy, you can do it in a doctor’s office, you don’t even have to go under general anesthesia to get it done, and it’s pretty painless.

Only a minor percentage would have to go under anesthesia or do it in an operating room due to anatomical complications or some other such issue.

Another major advantage of getting vasectomies is that it has a very fast recovery time. The patient might experience a bit of discomfort after the procedure, but mostly, they can be up and about again in 48 hours.

2. Reversible

A big myth that’s perpetuated about vasectomies is that once you get it done, you can never have children again. That’s absolutely false!

Vasectomies are absolutely reversible, even though they should be considered a permanent form of male sterilization. Even so, a small percentage of men who get vasectomies change their minds later, and they go back to their urologist or doctor to get the vasectomy reversed.

Make sure you speak to your doctor about this beforehand so that it’s easy to reverse later, if necessary.

3. Cheaper Than Other Birth Control Methods

Vasectomies only have a one-time cost associated with them. That’s why, if you consider the lifetime cost of getting a vasectomy, it’s much cheaper than buying birth control pills, getting tubal ligation, or any other birth control method out there.

If cost is a concern for you, then remember that many insurance companies will cover vasectomies (but they don’t cover birth control pills). If that’s the case for you, it’s even cheaper for you to get a vasectomy to prevent pregnancy than any other method out there.

Check with your insurance company and see if they cover vasectomies. Also, speak to your family doctor and check out what vasectomies cost in your state. They range in price from $800 to $1000, which is highly affordable.

4. Scalpel-Less Vasectomies Available Now

If you don’t like the idea of someone cutting into your privates, then you can rest easy now. There is a scalpel less vasectomy available now, which means you can get sterilized without any invasive surgery, and with even fewer health risks.

Inquire with your medical practitioner about this non-invasive male sterilization method.

5. Very Effective

The great thing about vasectomies is that they are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. Less than 2 women out of 1000 with a partner who has had a vasectomy get pregnant. These are highly promising numbers.

Especially now that abortion isn’t really an option any longer if you aren’t comfortable with taking a risk when having intercourse, then vasectomy is a great way to prevent any unwanted pregnancies.

Make sure not to have sex right after you have a vasectomy or to be extra careful during that time. You will be told to use condoms or some other birth control method in the first three months after you get a vasectomy.

Also, you can get your sperm count checked after getting a vasectomy to see how much sperm your semen contains. Even if it shows zero sperm count, there’s still a low possibility that you could get someone pregnant.

6. Lower Health Risks

If you are worried that getting a vasectomy will affect your sexual health in any adverse way, you can rest assured. Because only local anesthesia is used for the procedure and you don’t have to go under, all the risks associated with general anesthesia aren’t present.

Also, because the procedure is less invasive, the risk of bleeding and infection is quite reduced as well. There are also no vital organs in the area where the procedure is being performed, so there’s no worry about harming any of those organs.

7. Does Not Affect Sexual Pleasure

This is the biggest thing that men worry about when considering a vasectomy procedure. But you will still be able to have healthy sex even if you have had a vasectomy. There’s nothing to worry about there.

It does not affect your sexual pleasure in any way. The duration and intensity of your orgasms and erection will be unaffected by getting a vasectomy. And you will not have to worry that your penis will be less sensitive in any way either.

Optimal Health Is Ensured With a Vasectomy Procedure

As a vasectomy procedure comes with very few health risks, it’s a great idea to consider it as the primary birth control method over others available on the market. And since it’s reversible, if you decide you do actually want children later, you can just get it reversed. It’s as easy as that.

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