Here’s How to Satisfy any Woman

Here’s How to Satisfy any Woman

I’m sure most people have seen pornographic movies, which often show two people enjoying themselves, and usually end with both of them climaxing at the same time, without any accidents or discomfort in between. But is this the reality? Anyone who has had sexual experience will realize that this is almost impossible in real life.

If in your imagination such effortless orgasms are the norm, then you may have a hard time realizing this during sex. It’s time to recognize the difference between reality and pornographic films! Next I will bring you some tips to help you master the art of satisfying any woman.

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1. Get in the Mindset of Caring About Her Pleasure

Many men are socialized to believe that men need to be in control in bed, and to be controlling and masculine. While there is nothing wrong with these traits, by focusing too much on them, men can easily lose sight of what their partner is actually experiencing during sex.

What you should be doing during a great sex session is making the process pleasurable and comfortable for both partners, and many people are selfish during sex; they won’t know how their partner feels, or they won’t actively put effort into their partner’s sense of experience. Doing so will only lower your partner’s expectations of you, and over time you will find that sex becomes less and less interesting because you are not communicating enough to promote a better sexual experience.

Try to ask each other how they feel during sex, this is the most direct way, so you can judge whether you are doing the right thing or whether they like the way you are doing it based on their answers. At the same time pay attention to the other party’s body language or some implied behavior, for example, when the other party feels good she may reveal a pleasurable expression, or hard to hold you, which means that you are currently doing well, the other party is very like.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Things Slow at First

A satisfying sex is often not scribbling and fast, haste can ruin everything, so stay relaxed and take your time during sex, women love it when you are gentle and patient.

Sex should be slow when it just starts, this is more likely to arouse each other’s desire and secrete more bodily fluids, making your sex smoother and sexier.

And never neglect foreplay, even if you don’t have penetrative sex at all, foreplay is not to be ignored, women need perfect foreplay to be happy, and although it is often thought that foreplay belongs to the warm-up activities, in fact, acts such as stimulating the clitoris or giving oral sex during the foreplay are rather more likely to lead to orgasm than penetrative sex. So make sure to slow down your pace and let your partner feel the full foreplay.

If you want to make your foreplay even better and sexier, try adding some sex toys that can make it happen, try the wonderful clitoral pleasure offered by the rose toy, it is sure to surprise your partner!

3. Ask Questions About What She Likes

It is important to understand what the other person likes in sex, and the source of much of the pleasure in sex is human curiosity. And curiosity represents desire, each person’s sexual desire has many different, more ask each other’s sexual fetishes or favorite posture, more understanding of each other’s body can help you get better performance in sex.

4. Don’t Try Moves She Hasn’t Consented To

A perfect sex session requires both partners to maintain a good sense of trust in each other, and a lack of trust in sex will bring much less pleasure. So whether you are in a long term intimate relationship, or in a relationship that is just starting out, you need to create a sense of mutual trust between you, and sexual consent is an important way to maintain your trust in sex, no one wants to try new sex styles or sex props when they are not ready for them, which can be frightening or stressful for them.

If the other person is forced to accept something they don’t like or aren’t ready to try during sex due to pressure, it’s likely to make your sexual experience a lot less enjoyable. So if you want to try something new outside of regular sex, whether it’s a new position or a new sex toy, you need to ask for the other person’s permission to make sure the bond of trust between you isn’t broken.

5. Remember the Power of the Clitoris

The most pleasurable sexual experience for women is not penetrative intercourse, the vagina is able to get much less pleasure compared to the clitoris, many women are able to get great pleasure from clitoral stimulation and are able to orgasm from clitoral stimulation.

Clitoral stimulation can also be an important part of foreplay, with oral sex or caressing around the clitoris, women like their clitoris to get attention, you can apply some lube and stroke each other’s clitoris with your hand. Or add some sex toys such as a bullet vibrator, or a clitoral suck toy, which can bring wonderful pleasure to the clitoris. If you don’t know how to pick a suitable clitoral toy for yourself, I suggest you try rose toy, a rose-shaped clitoral sucking toy, which can bring a good clitoral experience, and using it during foreplay will surely satisfy your partner.

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