A Guide to Foreplay Techniques

A Guide to Foreplay Techniques

Foreplay, has always been an important part of preparation before sexual activity, women often need long foreplay to event more sexual pleasure and good sexual arousal, but many men feel lost in foreplay, they don’t know what kind of foreplay techniques can make women feel happy.

If you are also suffering from these problems, then this guide will save you from bad foreplay and I will show you some effective foreplay techniques that will make you give perfect foreplay to your partner.

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Foreplay Moves to Try

So what do you need to do to make foreplay more fun and fabulous? Next I’m going to show you some basic foreplay techniques, and by mastering them, you’ll be able to give each other the perfect experience during foreplay.

1. Kissing

Kissing is something almost everyone does in foreplay, but are you really doing it right? Many people’s kissing is just holding each other’s mouths and kissing each other randomly, which will only make each other’s faces are covered with saliva, and can’t make her feel excited. And really deep and sexy kissing can be the finishing touch in foreplay, you can try to start from the top to the bottom of the order of kissing, from the ears, to the lips, and then down to the neck, in the whole process to keep gentle and relaxed, with your breath to tease each other, and in the kissing caress her body, to create a wonderful atmosphere full of anticipation and desire.

2. Oral Pleasure

Another important foreplay technique is oral sex, which may require more specialized skills. Some people may think that oral sex doesn’t bring the pleasure of penetrative sex, and they’d be wrong, many women actually crave a great blowjob more than penetrative sex. If your partner has a clitoris, try giving her a great blowjob! Pleasure your partner with your tongue by drawing circles around her clitoris and licking her genitals from top to bottom.

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3. Full-Body Touching

Women’s bodies are very sensitive, in addition to kissing their sexy lips, you also need to let her whole body to feel your caresses, when touching each other to be careful not to directly stimulate the genitals, in the beginning of foreplay, you need to avoid these parts, to build up the expectation of can bring better results. Use your fingers to gently caress each other’s sensitive areas, touching around the genitals, but not directly touching the genitals, this is not only sexy, more can make each other feel aroused.

4. Set the Mood

To make foreplay even better, you need to put in the effort to create a nice atmosphere, and this is something you need to prepare for from a number of angles; you need to keep the space you’re in smelling good, feeling good visually, and feeling comfortable physically.

There’s nothing more charming than dim, warm lighting during foreplay, try lighting some candles, or a low-brightness nightlight to make the environment you’re in dim but gentle. Then you need to make your room smell nice, before foreplay, open a window to air out the room and remove any odors, then spray some perfume, or light a scented candle to scent the space you are in. Lastly you need to make your room as comfortable as possible, change to a soft mattress and comforter, then prepare some pillows (they help you to perform more actions), just complete these arrangements and your partner will surely love this wonderful environment.

5. Kinky Play

Maybe you guys are into some special kinks, this is a perfectly normal thing to do and there’s no need to feel ashamed or scared, ask your partner about some of her novel fetishes before foreplay begins. Incorporating some new playfulness during foreplay can also help to enhance your experience, you can try wearing a blindfold and having foreplay without vision, or using ropes and handcuffs to restrain each other’s bodies to bring about a sensual experience by restricting physical activity.

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