How to Make Sex More Pleasurable

How to Make Sex More Pleasurable

Many people think they are already very good at sex, but in reality, it takes a lot of practice and practice to make sex pleasurable and enjoyable. No one is born an expert at sex. Many people still feel confused and lost in bed even though they have a lot of experience with sex.

In fact, there are many things you can do to make sex more pleasurable, such as slowing down the pace of sex a little bit, or trying some new positions, or even incorporating the use of some sex toys, which can enhance the pleasure of sex. In this guide, I’m going to take you through more tips to improve your sex experience, and hopefully help you out.

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1.Focus on Pleasure, Not Performance

Staying focused during sex is a crucial step. Many people feel nervous during sex because they are too concerned about their sexual performance, which can affect their performance and the pleasure they get. To immerse yourself in the sexual experience, you can try putting a blindfold over your eyes and focusing on the sexual experience itself by reducing your senses, which can go a long way towards a good sexual experience.

2.Tease Your Partner

a men is kissing another women

Foreplay may not be as important for men, but for women, good or bad foreplay plays a decisive role in sexual pleasure. Good foreplay allows a woman’s vagina to produce enough lubrication to ensure comfortable sex, while inadequate foreplay can lead to conditions such as vaginal dryness or vaginal pain, which can be very detrimental to the sexual experience.

Want to tease your partner is actually very simple, the female body is very sensitive, you can caress the ears, neck, chest, abdomen, inner thighs and other sensitive areas, or kiss, do not rush to tease her clitoris and vagina, gently stroking and massaging around her genitals, teasing the most critical step is to build anticipation, can not directly satisfy each other’s sexual desires, but slowly around the sexy she likes! The most crucial step in teasing is to build anticipation, not to fulfill each other’s desire directly, but to slowly tease and test around her favorite erogenous zones.

3.Engage in Some Role Play

Trying to experience different identities during sex sounds very interesting, and if you also like the feeling of freshness and contrast that comes with such different roles, then sexual role play is something you will definitely enjoy. Not only can this give you a space to use your imagination, but it can also help you to realize your sexual fantasies and fetishes.

Sex role play allows you to try out any kind of play that you want to try out, you can play as an employee and a boss, or a teacher and a student and experience the subjugation that comes with unequal power, or you can play as a cheater and try to feel the thrilling experience that comes with cheating on your wife, there is nothing that can’t be achieved, it is entirely up to your imagination.

4.Add Some Lube to the Mix

Although the vagina is able to lubricate itself, you are still likely to face problems such as painful intercourse without the help of prolonged foreplay or lubricants, the best way to avoid problems such as vaginal dryness or vaginal pain that may result from insufficient foreplay or prolonged intercourse is to have some lubricants on hand, and lubricants can ensure that the sexual experience is comfortable.

5.Try a Couples Toy

In most P in V sex, clitoral stimulation is essential for a woman to reach orgasm, and the best way to bring about clitoral stimulation is to use a sex toy. A good clitoral stimulation toy can add a lot of fun to your sex. Rose toy is a rose-shaped clitoral sucking toy, its appearance is as elegant as a rose, and the whole body is made of food-grade silicone, no woman can say no to such a sexy toy.

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