The Psychedelic Journey: A Timeline of Shroom Effects on The Body

The Psychedelic Journey: A Timeline of Shroom Effects on The Body

Psilocybin mushrooms, often called “magic mushrooms,” have long been consumed for their psychedelic effects, which makes users have exciting and enlightening experiences. Knowing the timeline of effects generated by magic mushrooms is necessary for users to get ready for the psychedelic journey. 

These timelines represent completely different sensations and revelations from when the experience strikes you to the aftereffects. If you ask how long does it take for shrooms to kick in, this article focuses on the impacts that psilocybin mushrooms produce physically and mentally on patients.  

0-30 Minutes: Onset 

If you ever wondered how long does it take for shrooms to kick in, the psychedelic journey starts right after you ingest it, most likely between 20 to 30 minutes. The patient may perceive various sensations, such as tingling in their extremities. At the same time, you may have nausea, which occasionally leads to vomiting. However, the initial physical discomforts may be accompanied by positive moods such as euphoria and excitement.  

30 Minutes – 1 Hour: Intensification

The psilocybin effects enhance progressively as the journey continues. Visual distortions have become more prominent now, with colors, patterns, and lights that can capture the individual’s attention. Psychologically, you may show stronger emotions and mood swings than on a normal day. In addition, time and space can all be distorted, making the psychedelic experience even more intense

1 – 3 Hours: Peak Experience

The maximum point of the psychedelic experience takes place between one and three hours after ingestion. During this period, the visual hallucinations can become very intense, dominating the user’s sensory experience. Emotions may become more intense, with occasional positive and negative feelings. Many users report to discover profound truths in this period. 

3 – 6 Hours: Decreasing Intensity

In the beginning, the psychedelic effects are severe, but towards the end, the symptoms are less pronounced. Although the visual distortions may still be there, they are usually less intensive compared to the peak experience of the episode. Users frequently find themselves relaxed and calm, with some reviewing the process and knowledge gained.  

6 – 8 Hours: Tail End of Effects 

By now, the worst effects of the psychedelic journey have already passed. However, the short-term effects, such as enhancement of mood and a sense of well-being, may still be felt. The patients usually start to feel more grounded as the psychedelic experience ends. However, fatigue sets in as the effects fade, and you may feel sluggish

8 – 24 Hours: Actions and Their Legacies 

Few hours after the psychedelic experience, some people experience a sense of afterglow that manifests as a positive mood and a feeling of happiness. This time is generally used to reflect and relive the learning process as a person tries to understand what happened and apply new insights in their daily life.  


If you wonder how long does it take for shrooms to kick in, the psychedelic experience resulting from psilocybin mushroom consumption can become intense and life-changing. Understanding the timelines of shroom effects in the body can help users be ready for their psychedelic journey. 

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