Tips and Tricks to Crack the IELTS Entrance Exam

Tips and Tricks to Crack the IELTS Entrance Exam

Enrolling in London is a dream of many students. According to some agencies, London is the number one city in hosting international students. Besides, London is one of the top financial hubs and global cities in the world. 

But, you need some good eligibility criteria to enrol in London. No doubt, your academic qualification is one of the major criteria but it is not sufficient and you also need English proficiency. There are some exams, which you need to qualify to prove your proficiency. One of the popular exams is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). It can be useful for you not only for your admission in London but also in many other cities in the world where English is a prerequisite. 

Here, you will get some tips and tricks to crack the IELTS entrance exam. 

Understand the Test Format: 

Study the test format carefully, so as to be acquainted with the different sections (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) and the types of questions you’ll meet in all these sections. 

Practice Regularly: 

Practicing is the pivotal part of learning the English language. Take out everyday minutes to exercise listening, reading, writing in English as well as speaking. 

Focus on Weak Areas: 

Find out your strengths and turn them into what you are good at and are strong. If you find yourself with trouble in a specific section, use additional time to master the craft. 

Take Practice Tests: 

Take full-length mock tests to give you a feel of the real exam environment. This way, you will know about the tempo of the race and increase your endurance, which will help you realize your shortcomings. 

Improve Vocabulary: 

Feel free to do exercises in your vocabulary for example, while reading books, articles, or newspapers in English. Characterize an effort of marking up the unknown words and their definitions and also try to apply them in the context. 

Develop Listening Skills: 

Train listening to different English accents, for instance British, American, Australian, etc. Watch movies & TV shows and listen to podcasts in order to expand your listening skills. 

Enhance Reading Skills: 

Read newspapers, magazines, and various online articles to elevate your level of understanding texts. Do not ignore the key ideas and explanations to support them, as well as the terminology. 

Master Writing Techniques: 

To improve writing skills, write essays, reports, and letters, allowing for the exam time limit. Be sure your ideas are organized, use bridging devices, and sort out a nice and concise structure. 

Work on Speaking Fluency: 

It is imperative that you regularly practice speaking English with your friends, relatives, or language exchange mates. Concentrate on fluency, accent, and choice of words. Record your own speech and listen to it to identify gaps you need to fill up. 

Learn Exam Strategies: 

Acquaint yourself with examination tips like searching for required information, guessing what is correct, and proper time management during the exam. 

Stay Calm and Confident: 

Try to stay calm and confident on your exam day. Trust in your preparation and abilities. Take deep breaths to relax if you feel nervous. 

Review and Reflect: 

After taking practice tests or the actual exam, review your performance and identify areas for improvement. Check your mistakes and always learn from them. 

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