Your RV Guide: The Best State to Buy an RV

Your RV Guide: The Best State to Buy an RV

Looking to buy your dream RV? A majority of Americans take at least one RV trip a year, so it’s only natural that you want to join in on the fun too.

But before you start touring different lots and models, let’s talk about the best state to buy an RV in. For a newbie, picking the right one the first time is essential so you don’t have to go back and make exchanges.

When you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be ready to spend time with your family in your very own RV!


Oregon has some of the prettiest RV parks in the country, with ample space and top-notch amenities. Nearby lakes offer excellent swimming and fishing opportunities, while mountain ranges provide plenty of hiking trails.


With over 800 miles of scenic byways perfect for outdoor living, Nevada is an excellent choice if you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast or want to relax in paradise after long days on the road. Many campsites have full hookups, so you can hit the road ready to explore at a moment’s notice.


Based on population density, cost of living, and average weather conditions, Texas is easily one of the best states to buy an RV. There are tons of dealers available, and RVs are relatively affordable compared to other types of housing.


Despite being somewhat pricey, California is still one of the top states for buying an RV. The state has a large population and plenty of dealers who can help you find what you need. Plus, the weather is generally excellent throughout most of the year – no matter where you live in California.


If safety is your top priority when buying an RV, then Florida should be on your list. The state has some of the most stringent safety regulations regarding RVs – making it a safe place to buy an RV without worrying about potential issues.

What Should You Know Before Buying an RV?

You should know a few things beforehand if you are considering buying an RV. First, make sure you have the space. An RV is a significant investment, though you don’t need to have the length of a football field to park it on, you will need at least some room to tow it around.

Second, be prepared for the upkeep. You are replacing or fixing an engine or tire costs just as much in an RV as in a car – so budget for that in your purchase price. Finally, be aware of your state’s laws regarding RVs and driving. Not every state is friendly to them, so it’s worth doing your research first before heading out on the open road!

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Best State to Buy an RV: Buckle Up for the Next Adventure

Hopefully, after reading this RV guide, you should better understand the best state to buy an RV. Each state has its benefits and drawbacks, so you must choose the right one for your needs.

Consider things like tax rates, insurance requirements, and availability of dealerships before making your purchase. With this information at hand, we’re confident that you will be able to find the perfect RV for your next adventure!

Also, for more informational guides like this, please check out other blogs, and don’t miss out!

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