5 of the Best Beanie Babies Money Can Buy

5 of the Best Beanie Babies Money Can Buy

Investing your money in collecting Beanie Babies can be a worthwhile financial endeavor. 61% of Americans confess to owning a collection of toys, dolls, coins, or jewelry. But how do you find the best Beanie Babies for your buck?

Beanie Babies were a popular fad collectible during the 90s, with a range of rare designs that would rise in value over the coming years. Buying a valuable design could make you more money than ever.

So, how do you choose valuable Beanie Babies? Here are the five best Beanie Babies for your money and how to buy them.

1. Pinchers the Lobster ($5,000)

Pinchers the Lobster is one of the nine first-edition Beanie Babies toys that debuted in 1993. This Beanie Baby has sold online for $5,000. Some plush toys were accidentally labeled ‘Punchers,’ making them even more sought after by collectors.

Pinchers the Lobster is one of the only Beanie Babies to have a basic tush tag without a name. The simple first-edition tush tags featured simple black writing on a white label. Other rare versions of Pinchers the Lobster include plush toys with long antennas and misprinted tags.

2. Snort the Red Bull ($6,000)

Snort the Red Bull is a rare Beanie Baby that was only in circulation between 1997 and 1998. The estimated value for Snort is $6,000. Earlier generations with mint condition tags will sell for a higher sum.

Snort the Bull is a great place to start if you want to buy beanie buddies. Make sure you check the tag for authenticity before you commit to any purchase. Do your research before you invest in high-value Beanie Babies to avoid disappointment.

3. Patti the Platypus ($9,000)

Patti the Platypus is a cute, purple Beanie Baby that could sell for $9,000. Patti is famous because they are one of only a few rare first-edition Beanie Babies. If the tag does not open like a book, your Patti could be one of the first-edition TY Beanie Babies.

4. Valentino Bear ($9,000)

Valentino and Valentina bears are rare and valuable to Beanie Baby collectors. Valentino bears have sold online for $9,000. Beanie Babies with tag errors will sell for more. Some errors include an extra ear, spelling mistakes, and incorrect tush tags.

Beanie Babies with tag errors are the best gift for a collector. A Valentino bear with errors on the tag was sold for over $40,000.

5. Princess Bear ($10,000)

The Princess Bear was released in 1997 as a commemorative gift after the death of Princess Diana. Retailers were only allowed to purchase 12 limited edition bears at a time, which added to the hype surrounding them. The Princess Bear has sold for around $10,000, with rare versions selling for $507,000.

$21,880,000 was donated to the Princess Diana Foundation from the sale of the Princess Bear.

Find More of the Best Beanie Babies

Finding rare, valuable Beanie Babies is no easy task. Familiarize yourself with the various designs to make an informed decision. It is wise to buy Beanie Babies from a reputable site that you can trust.

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