How to Make a Small Space Look Larger With Mirrors

How to Make a Small Space Look Larger With Mirrors

According to a recent study, Americans have up to 50% more floor space in their homes than the average European. This might not seem like the case when you’re trying to redecorate a tiny living or dining room to create a more welcoming feel.

Small rooms are a challenge for any homeowner, especially if you live in a high-rise apartment.

If you feel like your home’s walls are closing in on you, keep reading. Let’s discuss how mirrors can improve the appearance and atmosphere of any small space.

Embrace Illusion

Mirrors can work magic in a small windowless room. Framing a mirror inside an old window frame tricks the mind into thinking there is one there.

Even mirror tiles that mimic the shape and size of a window will do the trick to create a sense of space and prevent claustrophobic feelings.

Use the ”Opposite Effect”

Tall, slender mirrors draw the eye upward for an instant impression of more space. When you place a tall mirror in a narrow alcove, it reflects the wall in front of it, creating the illusion of a doorway to another room.

An oversized, tall, and wide mirror can easily make a room look almost twice its current size. A versatile and imaginative home improvement supplier can custom design mirrors to suit any space.

Enliven any Awkward Small Space

Hallways are often forgotten when it comes to interior design. Yet they’re some of the most used spaces in the home.

Go beyond the cursory coat of paint by placing mirrors on your hallway walls. You can opt for one impactful framed mirror or a range of hexagonal or circular ones to bring interest to these usually dull spaces.

Bathrooms are frequently the smallest rooms in any home. Although most bathrooms have a mirror for practical purposes, you can maximize the mirror effect in these rooms too.

Instead of restriction your design to a single mirror for cosmetic use, go all out to make your bathroom mirror a feature. A large mirror in an ornate frame quickly adds luxe appeal to this utilitarian space.

Dining Style

A dark, cramped dining room can put a damper on family meals or drive everyone to eat in front of the TV. Bring your flock back to the table with the creative use of mirrors.

Installing a mirror on one wall not only makes the room feel larger, but it can create a charming play of light by reflecting the glow from a chandelier.

Get Creative With Mirrors

When decorating with mirrors, you don’t need to stick to large slabs of reflective glass. An arrangement of small mirrors in decorative frames or circular frameless mirrors works well to create a focal point.

It also introduces quirky charm and a feeling of spaciousness into any small room.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Interiors

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house with a few awkward small rooms, mirrors can help you upgrade your room decor quickly and affordably.

Mirrors are only the start of the things you can do to enhance a small space. Browse our blog for more awesome home decor tips.

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